The Hickels, Pickerington OH

Hello! Such a big trend this year is the First Family Photo...and I am LOVING IT! In a previous post I shared a few reasons to not put off that family photo, so when my aunt and uncle called I was more than ecstatic to be able to capture their first family photos! I'm so happy to be sharing The Hickels as they welcome their newest family member, Daisy! She's 1lb 8oz, and is such a spunky little thing. Daisy is already the most spoiled pup I've seen, and the love her mom and dad have for her is so sweet. This family knew they wanted photos done at their home, but living in a subdivision could have made this tricky. With some careful placement we were able to get the feeling that they were tucked away for a few shots, but only a few steps from their front door. Luckily we had quite a few mature trees to work with! Word on the street is that one more Yorkie is on the way, and I can't wait to welcome her when she arrives! 

Sarah and Willem, Birmingham MI

I had a blast shooting these two for their 2016 Christmas photos! Mom described Willem as a "Rambunctious three year old" when we met up for coffee to discuss their upcoming shoot, and I was SO excited! I'd hoped to spend the afternoon cracking up and hanging out with this dynamic duo, and I got just that! Willem definitely knew how to turn it up for the camera, and was NOT afraid to run down some steps or take a big leap. All leading to great photos. Watching these two interact was honestly just awesome, and their bond was so special to capture. Mom did a fantastic job coordinating outfits, and really hit it out of the park with her vibrant red blazer! Such a fun afternoon, and I can't wait to capture more memories for these two in years to come!