Go Ahead and Schedule that Family Portrait

This morning, a friend was ranting to me about why she hasn't set a date for her family portrait and that it's been YEARS since she's had one. Her children are 9 and 6...and changing every single day. She expressed that she's worried about perfect weather conditions, coordinating outfits, missing teeth, busy schedules, etc. but all that I heard was her talking herself out of a family photo. 

In light of her valid concerns for not taking a photo, I thought I'd hop on here and run through them!

Perfect Weather

I don't know how many times I've heard people express that they want a nice sunny day for their photos, but this should be the furthest thing from your mind! Harsh mid-day sun is actually the most difficult for taking photos. A slightly overcast sky makes for soft lighting, and most photographers (myself included) prefer taking photos in the first hour of the day, and the last hour before sunset. Don't fret about perfect weather conditions, because the truth is that a good photographer can find good lighting just about anywhere!

Coordinating Outfits

This is one of the most thought about components of a family photo. Typically this will fall on Mom's shoulders, and will result in multiple trips to your favorite clothing store! My best advice is to pick a theme that fits your family's lifestyle. Are you avid sports fans? Dress everyone in their favorite jersey and jeans. Are you looking for something more formal? Put the guys in khakis and button ups with like colored blazers, and the ladies in like colored skirts with blouses or dresses. Is your family more laid back? Denim bottoms with white/navy/black tops will look great in photos! Keep it simple, and ask your photographer if you get stumped!

Missing Teeth

Your children will have beautiful smiles for the rest of their lives, why not capture this rare moment when a tooth has gone missing? Also, this is another reason to take family portraits on a regular basis. Doing so will capture the "before" and "after" of those missing teeth, and will always lead to a good laugh for years to come!

Busy Schedules

Do you have one night a week that everyone is home before sunset? Book a portrait session for that day! Most photographers will work with you to accommodate a busy schedule, but it's important to book early, and let us know well in advance if something comes up. If you're typically busier in the summer and fall, book a session for winter or spring. A snowball fight makes for a great photo!

I hope this helps anyone out there who hasn't had a family portrait snapped for this year. Contact me to book a session!